Patients are referred to the Swing Bed Nursing Unit when they are considered by their physicians to be medically stable, have the potential to improve and agree to participate in their recovery process.

Prior to admission, each patient is carefully assessed to determine whether his or her condition can benefit from services offered.

Advantages of Swing Bed Nursing Units:

  • Patients are able to stay close to home for extended rehab services.
  • Patient’s progress can be more closely monitored by family physician.
  • Continuity of care from acute hospitalization to more intensive therapy services.

Patients admitted to the Swing Bed Nursing Unit at Ohio County Healthcare will benefit from our unique care model which combines the security and resources available in a hospital setting with the coordinated interdisciplinary team approach of comprehensive rehabilitation. This “blending” allows us to provide medical and physical rehabilitation to patients who may require prompt access to family physician, specialists, diagnostic services or emergent care right here at home.

As a transitional care option, our Swing Bed Nursing Unit patients utilize their skilled nursing benefits to defray the costs of treatment. Insurance coverage is based on the individual patient’s condition and need for skilled and/or rehabilitative services rather than a diagnosis.

Patients in our Swing Bed Nursing Unit benefit from medical management, physical rehabilitation services or a combination of both. Treatment plans reflect the needs of individual patients.

Some of the services most commonly offered include one or more of the following: Post-Surgical stabilization, Post-acute medical management, Post-acute cardiac care, Rehabilitation therapies including physical occupational, and speech therapy, Wound Care, Diabetes care and education in self management, Pulmonary management, Pain management, IV therapies including antibiotic administration.

For more information, please contact Tammy Truitt, RN, Manager Swing Bed Unit, at 270-298-5204.

For Swing Bed Referrals Contact:
Michelle Hickerson, RN, BSN, CCM
Manager Case Management