Physical and Occupational Therapy
At Ohio County Healthcare, our physical and occupational therapists work closely to provide treatment for inpatient, outpatient, school systems, industrial rehab, wound care, women’s health and sports medicine. Treatment of neurological and orthopedic patients from pediatric through geriatric ages is also available.

Through inpatient treatment, physical therapist assist patients in learning to move independently and safely after surgery or injury. A physical therapist will teach the patient how to walk with walkers or crutches, and how to return to normal activities of daily living. Our occupational therapist work to improve patients function such as dressing, bathing, and feeding for independent return home. Occupational therapists can make custom splints for hands and wrists and have extensive knowledge of hand rehab.

In our schools, physical therapist assist students in being able to participate in their school activities and getting around their school environment as independently as possible. Our occupational therapists work with students to improve writing, cutting, and orientation of job skills in the community in high school. From our athletic trainers who work closely with athletes after injury to our patients who have been injured on the job, our outpatient program serves many physical needs of our patients. Our Rehab Specialists perform wound care to aid in recovery after burns or trauma, and assist patients in recovery after surgery. Balance and movement focus is provided to patients who have had a neurological injury such as a stroke.

Our physical and occupational therapists work with local industries for ergonomic assessments and prevention of repetitive strain techniques. Each patient is evaluated by a licensed physical therapist and an individualized treatment program is designed with the input of each patient to help them achieve their health care goals. Therapists and physicians work closely to provide the highest quality of care. For more information on our rehabilitation services, please contact Jamie Evans, Director of Rehab Services at 270-298-5426.

Speech and Language Pathology

Our Speech and Language Pathologist works with patients of all ages in speech, cognitive, language and swallowing deficits. Speech therapists are able to help pediatric patients with language development skills and other speech disorders, to continue effective growth and development.

Our speech therapists are also skilled in assessing communication skills after a neurological event such as a stroke. We assist our patients in developing strategies to regain their communication function. In addition, we are trained to assess and treat swallowing disorders. We will recommend both chewing and swallowing strategies as well as modifications to diet to allow patients to maintain adequate nutrition in the safest manner possible.

For more information about our Speech and Language Services, please contact Jamie Evans, Director of Rehab Services by calling 270-298-5426.