Cancer patients, patients who receive chemotherapy, and patients with blood disorders may now receive their treatments in the Outpatient Clinic located in Ohio County Healthcare. Many have praised our staff for the individualized care we provide and are pleased to receive these services "close to home."

Services that are available include:

  • Clinic visits – new referrals and follow-up visits with Dr. Dattatrya Prajapati or Dr. Jewraj Maheshwari
  • In-house referrals
  • Diagnostic tests – blood work, bone marrow biopsy, radiology, CT and Nuclear Medicine studies
  • Outpatient chemotherapy
  • Implanted vascular devices (ports) – port assessed, blood drawn, port flush
  • Special Injections – Neupogen, Epogen, Lupron, Iron, etc.

Clinic visits are scheduled on Thursday mornings from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. Most Outpatient Chemotherapy is given on Thursday mornings.

Clinic Visits:

Patients “sign-in” in at hospital lobby and when ordered, receive lab work and x-rays before their visit.


Reserved parking is available for patients receiving therapy. The parking lot is located on the side of the building next to Gillespie Street.

Patients should bring all prescription and over-the-counter medications they currently are taking. New patients will also be required to complete a health history form and provide insurance information, if available.

For more information regarding these services, please contact Angela Coffman, RN, Manager at 270-298-9507.