The Social Services Department at Ohio County Healthcare is staffed by a licensed Social Worker. The function of the Social Services Department is to assist patients and families in their discharge needs such as:

  • Assesses the patient, evaluating support services, family support and patient's ability for compliance with the plan of care
  • Provides early intervention in cases where patients are unable to return to previous levels of care
  • Facilitates referrals for available services with Hospice, Mental Health or Substance Abuse
  • Arranges Home Health, Homemaker services, Home Delivered Meals and medical equipment that may be needed
  • Determines financial assistance
  • Provides emotional support and works with the Chaplain program for those with spiritual needs
  • Provides Grief Support for families following the loss of a loved one

The Social Services department works with the nursing staff and our Case Management staff in determining eligibility for admission to our Swing Bed program.

Elizabeth Cook, LSW, Social Services Coordinator, (270) 298-5471